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Privacy Policy

Privacy Document

We care about your privacy
This privacy Document is written to aware you about all information we access when you visit and how we deal with it.

This website was not developed to collect information from your own PC, However we only use informations provided by you when you Browse our website.

Your Payment Informations
We would like to keep you informed that we process all transcation through our partners (Paypal , PayFort) and we dont keep or store your payment information or Credit/debit cards informatios.
Your IP Address
  At any time you visit a website including, the server will will record your IP Address, date, time and the browser type you are using.

We perform Scannig operation that to allow us on collect your opinions and feelings about our website and your experience in using Your feedback are valuable to us and it help us improving your experience while using our website. You have the full right to provid information you want e.g. your namd.

Other Websites Links may contains links for other websites and Ads from websites like Google AdSense We are not resoisible for information gathering techniques used by those websites, since they have their own privacy policies and it is your resoisible to check thier policy while you access through

we may use thrid parties for show some ads when you visit our website. They have the right yo access information about your visits to except your name, email, address and phone number. We show these ads about goods and services you might be interested in. If you want to see more informations about this and how to block the ads from those parties please visit: Please Click Here

Information disclosure
We will keep the privacy of your information at all time and we will not disclose it to any parties unless it is required by law. information may be disclosed also for official parties only in case we see that will protect the rights of our website or our partners.

Informations needed to process your transactions at
Once we need informations from you, it will be your complete well to provid it or not. However, these Informations will help us in contacting you and processing your transaction through We will not sell your Informations to any third parties unless we get a confirmation from your side. We may use some information - that will not identify you - to get some statistics about our website, that will help up improve your experience when using

While Contacting Us
while contating our teams, your information will be dealed as high classified Informations and will not be disclosed to anyone. We might send some forms to you and the information provided by you will be used to keep contact with you and solving your issues -if any- and get future feedbacks from you.

Updating our privacy Policy
We own the right the change or update any of our privacy policy terms in future and you will be notified by any updates. If you want to be updated, you can visit our privacy policy page regularly @ Privacy policy

Contact Us
You can always reach us by clicking the link (Contact Us) that is available in our home page. You can reach us by email or phone.

Your fears about your privacy are highly considered at our end and we can assure you the privacy of your information